On the Scene with Mrs. Kathy King


On the Scene with Mrs. Kathy King

Here is how the Teeth Fairies helps improve oral hygiene for kids!
First: When your child gets a loose tooth, a magical fairy arrives at your home, and your child gets to name their fairy.
Second: Every morning the fairy returns from Tooth Fairyland for your child to find. The fairy’s job is to keep a watchful eye over your child and track of your toddler’s dental care to make sure they are making healthy eating choices. Each day you would encourage them to brush their teeth, avoid candy and eat their fruits and vegetables. So that their fairy will surprise them with a special gift: when their tooth falls out.
Finally: Once the tooth falls out you place it in the fairies crown. The next morning the fairy is replaced with your child’s gift. As each tooth falls out, you would chart their progress and motivate them to brushing and floss every night. Your fairy is assigned to stay with your child until all of their new teeth appear.Kathy King
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We’re also mentioned as a great Easter Basket idea!

Teeth Fairies: A Baby Teeth Tradition – The Teeth Fairies book and gift set is such a cute tradition to start with your kids. It comes with a sweet little tooth fairy figure, the book and an interactive website, which you can find here. Instead of a single tooth fairy, your child learns that each kid gets his or her own personal tooth fairy. Your child even gets to name her, and help her as she becomes an official tooth fairy. How fun!Kathy King
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