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Teeth Fairies: A Baby Teeth Tradition
Congratulations on your first loose tooth!! This is a very special time in you and your child’s life. Your first loose tooth means that you will be visited by your very own tooth fairy from Tooth Fairyland!

The average child loses about 20 baby teeth from the ages of around 5 to 12. That’s a lot of visits from the Tooth Fairy! We created Teeth Fairies: A Baby Teeth Tradition in order to make the absolute most of this brief, special time in your child’s life when they are losing their baby teeth.

With the Teeth Fairies book and doll set, you and your child will go on an adventure that will not only be fun and exciting, but encourage imagination and dental health! You get to choose how much you want to participate. Customize the story and doll visits to fit you and your child’s needs. But be warned – you and your child will be having so much fun, neither of you will want it to end!

Here are some helpful tips from author Ingrid Bencosme for when to begin your Teeth Fairies adventure:
Doll and Book Arrival
I suggest you give the book to your child when they have their first loose tooth. You may choose to read the story to your child first and have the fairy arrive as soon as you are ready. Some families like to present the Teeth Fairies set to their child with the book and doll at the same time. After they read the story and explain the process, they present the fairy and can begin the game right away. Have your child choose a name for their Fairy and write it in the book. Also, make sure to write your child’s name in the book in the spaces provided. This is a very personal experience. Now you are ready to start the adventure!
Fairy Plan and Activity
Decide your fairy’s plan of action. She may arrive at the first sign of a loose tooth or once the tooth is really wiggly. Every night when your child goes to bed, their tooth fairy flies back to tooth Fairyland to report to the head tooth fairy on your child’s dental progress. When she returns she finds a new place to sit and observe your child for the day. Your child will be thrilled to run around the house in search of their fairy’s new spot each morning. The amount of time it takes for your child to lose the tooth will determine how long the fairy visits.

Here is where you can get creative – perhaps your child’s fairy wants to leave notes or hints about what they will be getting when they lose their tooth. Your child may want to bring their fairy to school or to the dentist’s office. This is fine and completely up to you. There is no limit to the fun you can have!
Tooth Time
When your child loses the tooth, they put it in the little pocket in the crown of their Fairy and go to sleep. The next morning, the Fairy is gone and they will receive their prize in the place where she was last!
Here are some helpful tips:
1. What can I do if my child gets upset when her tooth fairy leaves?

I have dealt with this experience firsthand. First, explain to your child why the fairy must go back based on the story. If your child is still upset, encourage him/her to write their fairy a letter. The letter should explain why your child wants the fairy to come back. Many times the fairy is granted permission from the head tooth fairy to come back and visit for a few days. When she is visiting and there is no loose tooth, she does not change spots each day. She is purely there to comfort your child and have fun. During this time it is okay if he/she wants to sleep with their fairy.

2. What kind of surprises do Teeth Fairies give away in exchange for teeth?

Teeth Fairies are very resourceful! They may leave coins, cash, gift certificates to a favorite store, or toys they hear kids want, or unexpected surprises. Whatever makes children and parents happy!

3. Is it okay if my child wants to take their fairy to school or on trips?

Teeth Fairies and children develop a very special bond and naturally like spending time together. It is okay for children to take their Tooth Fairy with them wherever they go, however they must take special care of her. Please make sure your child remembers to always bring her back home and be gentle with her. She will stay in your family for several years so always treat her with love.

4. What do I do when my child has lost their last tooth?

Your tooth fairy is assigned especially for you. Every child gets their own personal fairy. Once your child has lost their last tooth, their fairy’s job is complete and she may stay with your child permanently. First she must bring the last tooth back to Tooth Fairyland but when she has completed her mission she can stay with you forever!
Helpful tips for your child:
1. When will my tooth fairy arrive?

Teeth Fairies usually arrive when you have your first loose tooth. This can happen when a child is anywhere from 5-7 years old up until the age of 12 or 13 years old. It is also okay for Teeth Fairies to arrive even if it is not your first loose tooth. Your personal tooth fairy can arrive and pick up from wherever you are with your baby tooth loss.

2. What if my tooth fairy is in the same spot?

Teeth Fairies travel long distances each night back to tooth Fairyland to report to the head tooth fairy. Occasionally, when they are running low on pixie dust their wings get very tired and they need some extra rest. It’s not a problem at all if they are in the same place. They take notes everyday so they don’t forget what they have observed for the next time they go back.

3. Can my tooth fairy sleep with me?

No. Teeth Fairies fly back to tooth Fairyland at night. It is your job to find them every morning when they return. You may play with your fairy throughout the day, talk to her and have fun, but remember to put her back where she was when you are done.

4. Why can’t my fairy talk to me?

Your fairy loves to talk but it is very hard for us to hear fairies speak. She can hear you and loves to listen. You can tell her anything.

5. What do Teeth Fairies tell the head tooth fairy?

Your fairy tells the head tooth fairy if you are brushing your teeth every day. She lets her know if you try new foods especially if they are good for you, not just candy and junk food. She tells her if you are trying to floss and also gives details about your loose tooth. If you are doing your best they talk about what you might get when your tooth falls out.

6. Why must my tooth fairy leave after my tooth falls out?

When your tooth falls out your fairy must take it back to tooth Fairyland and store it in a special place reserved just for you. This is the completion of her mission. She will become an official tooth fairy now and must be present for graduation and congratulations from all of her tooth fairy friends. When it is all over she will rest, maybe even take a vacation before she must come back for your next loose tooth.

7. Can my tooth fairy visit me even if I don’t have a loose tooth?

There are a few exceptions to the rules. Generally, Teeth Fairies visit when you have a loose tooth. If you really miss your fairy or need her to go for a dental check up with you in case you are nervous about it, you can write her a letter. In your letter, explain why you need her to come back and she may get special permission from the head tooth fairy to return for a short visit. Please send your letter to:

(Your Fairy’s Name)
Main Castle, Tower T
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